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8 Exercises to Tone Up Flabby Arms in 5 Minutes

Flabby Arms

Sculpted arms look attractive. Yet we often put in no effort to tone them. Our reason: being busy as a bee and a lack of equipment. OptimalNutra.com has got you covered. Here are 8 exercises that take just 5 minutes, with one minute of rest included, and don’t require any equipment either. So no more excuses. Let’s get started Starting position: Stand upright and […]

11 Stretches to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

Neck exercises

A stiff neck and tight shoulders are very well known issues for many of us. The good thing is that if this pain is caused by stress, bad sitting habits, or lack of activity, regular stretching can make a big difference and even give you permanent relief. The key word is regular. Consistency is the key for success. We at OptimalNutra.com found a few very effective stretches that […]

Suffer From Foot, Knee or Hip Pain? These 6 Exercises Can Help

Ankle Exercises

Between 15% and 25% of people in the US suffer from knee pain, which is the second largest cause of chronic pain. But even without it, we all suffer from minor injuries and tiredness from time to time. Here are some tips on how to use physical therapy to possibly make you feel better. OptimalNutra.com is always on guard with helping you stay healthy and pain-free. That’s why we […]